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Park Rapids District Schools' Health Service is committed to helping each student achieve the best possible school experience. The Health Service Department is comprised of Tia Kocka, Licensed School Nurse, whose office is located in the High School. The High School nurse's hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The phone number is 218-237-6441. Danielle Budzien & Heather Hopkins are the Century School Health Specialists. The Elementary Health Office's hours are from 7:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The telephone number is 218-237-6210. 

A child's education encompasses not only academic proficiency but also the learning of life's skills.  To that end, our goal is to be role models as well as teachers. We believe in treating each individual student with respect and dignity.  Helping students and their families cope and be responsible for special health concerns is a challenge that we gladly accept. We feel that good communication with parents and students promotes a strong sense of community.  Sharing our knowledge and learning from the students and their parents teacher us that we are ALL important and have something to contribute. The Park Rapids District Health Services will continue our quest to make each child a "healthy learner". 

General Health Assistance

Students needing care for general health complaints such as colds, headaches, stomach aches or injuries may come to the health office during the school day. The health offices are open during school hours.

Immunization Policy

No student shall remain enrolled in school or any school program unless they have an up-to-date immunization record or a notarized exemption form on file. Please notify the school of any updated immunizations your child receives to keep our records current. Please note the enclosed attachment for the Minnesota immunization law requirement for fall entry. Transfer students: the Park Rapids School will request your health record from your previous school; however, it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure the record is on file by the time of school entry.

Exclusion from School

At times it is necessary to exclude students from school until a particular health problem improves or medical advice is sought. Some conditions that may be reason for exclusions are, elevated temperature >100 degrees, vomiting or diarrhea within 24 hours, advanced cases of impetigo, scabies, head lice.


Any medications, including non-prescription medication that must be given during the school day requires written consent from the parents. Prescription medication requires a medical provider’s order as well as parental consent. The medication consent form is included in this packet as well. Medication must be sent in its original container or an appropriately labeled pharmacy container.

Specific Medical Conditions

When a child has a specific medical problem, parents are encouraged to contact the school nurse directly at 218-237-6441 so that appropriate medical needs of the child can be met. By communicating and sharing information, our staff will be able to assist in keeping your child safe during school hours. If a student has an allergy, an emergency allergy plan found here will need to be provided to the school from the student’s medical provider. If your student has asthma, an asthma action plan found here should be provided to the school by the medical provider. If your student has a seizure, a seizure action plan found here should be provided to the school by the medical provider. The plans are all included in the following pages.

When a child is not feeling well, it interferes with the learning process. If your child complains of not feeling well before school, parents should carefully assess the situation and consider keeping the child home.


Health Services staff conduct routine vision screenings at the beginning of the school year. If problems are noted at the time, parents will be informed and asked to seek further medical evaluation. Hearing screenings are conducted on a per request basis. If at any time during the school year parents feel there is a need for vision or hearing screening, they are encouraged to contact the teacher or district nurse (218-237-6441) and request that a screening be done.

Health Info

Fax Numbers

  • Tia Kocka High School (9-12) Fax: 218-237-6401
  • Danielle Budzien & Heather Hopkins  Elementary & Middle School (Pre-K-8) Fax 218-237-6276

Health Forms

You are encouraged to call the school nurse/health specialist in your school for information or to share any concerns you may have regarding school health services.

Immunization FAQ

What immunizations or shots are needed to attend school?

It depends on how old your child is.  Here is a summary of how many shots children need at different ages:

Preschool: 4 DPT; 3 Polio; 1 MMR; 1 HIB; 1 Varicella or date of disease, and, new this year, Hepatitis A.

Kindergarten: 5 DPT (5th shot not needed IF 4th shot was received after age 4); 4 Polio (4th polio may not be needed if 3rd was after age 4; 2 MMR; 3 Hepatitis; 2 Varicella.

Age 7 -11 (typically 1st through 6th grade): at least 3 DTP; at least 3 Polio; 2 MMR; 3 hepatitis B and 2 vericella

Age 12 and older (typically 7th through 12th Grade): at least 3 DPT AND one Tdap shot required after age 7; at least 3 Polio;  2 MMR; 3 Hepatitis B; 2 Varicella; Meningococcal (at age 11-12 years)      

7th grade: Tdap and Meningococcal
12th grade: Meningococcal     
Teens Need Shots, Too

These are the shots the School Law requires.  Parents may get a legal exemption from the school law for medical reasons or conscientiously held beliefs.

School Immunization Form

School Immunization/Exemption Form


Medication Form