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Grade 7-8

Welcome to Gr 7-8 Math!

Mr. Nic Lembcke - 237-6311
Mrs. Autumn Sturtz - 237-6307

Welcome to Grade 7-8 Science!

Ms. Aryanna Wetteland - 237-6312
Mr. Lee Skajewski - 237-6303

STEM: Mrs.Ashley Schmitz - 237-6317

Mrs. Morgan Marcussen - 237-6317 

In 7th grade we will be exploring topics dealing with life! Our major subjects will be cells, genetics, evolution, and ecology. 8th graders, we will be going on an adventure through our earth! We will be studying rocks and minerals, Earth, weather, and space. 

Welcome to Grade 7-8 Language Arts!

Mr Gabe Claussen: 218-237-6302
Mrs Emily Schueller: 218-237-6310

Welcome to Gr 7-8 Social Studies!

Mr. Bill Moore - 237-6309 
Mrs. Christine Sauer - 237-6305


US History (7th Grade)
World Geography (8th Grade)


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